Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Design Proposal for Guatemalan Market (Chanel Inspired)

17-19 year old girls 

I had to design prom dresses for guatemalan girls. They like to have fun, they are about to graduate from high school. They like color, details and specially feel pretty and important when the dress. 


I design three long dresses, the first one has short cute sleeves that are above the shoulder. The seconds one has pleated details on the front and the third one is a one shoulder dresses with pleated on the front and side of the dress and three flowers (different size each) on the right shoulder. The fabric I proposed in this dresses was chiffon and silk. 

Blue colors and white for dress No.1 

Pink colors for dress No. 2

Purple colors for dress No. 3


Inner Tag

Hang Tag

Logo for this specific line

This was a class project that was about creating a new line (three designs) from a famous brand for an specific market (mine was 17-19 year old girls), for an specific store here in Guatemala, the store that I had to design for was a department store called Siman. My market was girls that are about to graduate from high school.  

Hope you like it! :)