Thursday, May 26, 2011

A visit to the City of Angels

Deena & Ozzy Boots at Urban Outfitters 

Designers I Met and Liked Notebook and Bicycle Necklace (from Urban Outfitters) , both a gift :) Thank you Josue!

From Left to Right: BCBG Heels, Guess Heels and Deena & Ozzy Boots

 The ELLEments of personal style (left corner), Lauren Conrad's Style Book and The Teen Vogue Handbook. This 3 books are amazing, Get them now :)

High Top Nike Shoes :)

Earrings from Forever 21 and H&M

Nude nailpolish (I got this one at Whole Foods haha), Baby purple and nude nailpolish from H&M. The ring at the left is from Crossroads Trading Co. if you like vintage and unique things this is the place to go. 

I totally fell more in love with L.A, i'ts a great place to go and have a great time. When you go shopping try to focus first on what you really need in your closet and then find unique and different items that you LOVE so you can make great outfits. Also try to buy books, it really works when you are trying to find inspiration, beauty advice, ideas for new outfits and to learn more about new things. Fashion books are amazing, you never stop learning and it makes your creativity go to another level. Buying decor items for my room was fun and LA is definitely the place to find interesting things. I'm really excited about this post, Thanks to my friend Andrea Guerra for taking this pictures, Hope you like it :)


I got all of my items from:
Urban Outfitters:
Crossroads Trading Co:
Forever 21:
I also went to: Ross and TJ Max (amazing decor stuff there!!!). 

Sunday, May 15, 2011

This Week Inspiration *

First of all sorry for not posting lately but I went to LA a couple of weeks ago and now that i came back home I've been busy because of school. But I wanted to share My Week Inspiration with this video of NASTY GAL lookbook for May, i really like this store because it has really cool dresses and accessories. Im going to upload a post about my trip to LA next week so I'm really excited to share it! hope you like this video and make sure to check out: :)