Monday, February 27, 2012

Live by your rules.

I've being posting a lot of my inspiration lately and this is a clear example. I have seen this video hundreds of times since it came out last month and I don't know why I haven't share it with you guys. Got to admit that I'm an Erin Wasson fan. I love her for being so faithful to her style, ideas and for that "effortless" look. The reason that I watch this video so many times is because I can relate with every word she says. Stay tuned to Net A Porter's youtube channel, they are always posting videos of fashion shows and interviews that become real inspiration.

Hope you guys like it!


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Week Inspiration

Denim, Black, Leather, White, Metallic & Gold 

Monday, January 23, 2012

MEET: Guillermo GD

1. Collage by Me  2. T-shirt Art (Im from Neverland) 3. My Temper Trap T-shirt :)

Name: Guillermo Garcia Duran
Location: Antigua Guatemala
Fashion Inspiration: 50’s, 60’s, Frank Sinatra, The Beatles
Can’t live without: His glasses (that give him superpowers), V-necks, Flannel Shirts, 
Boots, his camera and Antigua Guatemala.

In life we always find people that inspire us not only by their personal style but also by their work. Guillermo GD is a true dreamer that lives up by his motto: “Viva la Vida”. His hometown: Antigua Guatemala has become his number one love and main inspiration. Constantly innovating with his work by illustrating his ideas on T-shirts, shoes, bags and even cups. Last year he made me a T-shirt with Temper Trap’s song: Sweet Disposition (one of my personal anthems), one thing got us to another and a couple of weeks ago we ended up sending to Australia four T-shirts for the guys of the Temper Trap, especially designed by Guillermo. It’s amazing the find artists that, not only love to create and innovate, but they love their country and their work is the result of absorbing everything that their land offers them. 

Take every day to get inspired and to inspire other people!

Get to know more about Guillermo and his work here and follow him on Twitter @GuilleGD

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Chocolate Mint

L-R: Sally Hansen Acrylic Top Coat (final touch!), 320 Jaded Revlon Top Speed, Purple Nail Polish by H&M and Revlon 916 Chocolate Truffle. 

Who doesn't love Nail Art? I got mine a couple of days ago and I wanted to share it with you! 
Sometimes people think it takes hours to get this done, but I did mine in 10 min :) Hope you like it as much as I do.


¿A quién no le gusta tener arte en sus uñas? Hace unos dias me senti inspirada y queria compartirlo con ustedes. Muchas personas piensan que hacer esto tarda horas, yo lo hice en 10 minutos. Espero que les guste tanto como a mi :)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

On Poprocks&

I had the privilege to be "Designer Crush" on first post of this year! Got interviewed by the lovely Bailey, who is a great inspiration to me for her committed work in fashion and her blog. Great way to start the year!

Check out the interview here:


Tuve el privilegio de ser parte del primer post de este año y ser nombrada como "Designer Crush". Fui entrevistada por la encantadora Bailey, quien es una gran inspiración para mi también por su entrega hacia la moda y su blog. ¡Emocionada por empezar así el año!

Beginning with: Blue

I'm beginning this 2012 with a touch of blue to share with all of you! I feel very proud by saying I design/made this blue high waist trousers. My inspiration on this design was tribal prints (which you can see on the waistband) and moroccan style. Hope all of you are beginning this year with a smile on your face! 


¡Estoy comenzando este 2012 con un toque de azul que quise compartir con ustedes! Me siento muy orgullosa al decir que yo diseñe e hice este pantalón de cintura alta. La inspiración que tome fueron los estampados trivales (que lo pueden apreciar en la pretina) y el estilo marroquí. ¡Espero que todo esten comenzando este año con una sonrisa! 

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell/ Trousers: Ana Chang/ Blazer: Thrift Shop/ Sunglasses: Ray Ban
Pictures by: Daniela Chang (